In The Middle Of The World!

La Mitad del Mundo is a huge monument that sits on the Equator, the center of the world! That’s what they tell you, at least, because after building a giant monument and tourist attraction nobody wanted to admit they had missed the mark by about 240 meters. Science!

Still, it’s a fun place to spend a weird afternoon. You can pay extra to do a lot of museum and attraction type things in the complex (not worth it, from everything we’ve heard), or you can pay the handful of dollars to just see the main attraction and hang out for as long as you like (and they’ll stamp your passport!). There are some shops you can pop into for no extra charge, of course, and a couple of gimmicky equator “games” to try.


You can get there for less than a dollar round trip via public buses – the easiest bet is to go to Ofelia and transfer to the Mitad del Mundo buses, which run pretty frequently. The monument closes up in the early evening, so plan accordingly. It’s not an amazing attraction, but if you’ve come all the way to Ecuador it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon.



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