A Quick Weekend in San Antonio

From Ecuador, Mike and I flew to Texas to spend some time with my family in Texas. My mom lives in a small town called Seguin that sits nicely between Austin and San Antonio, which gave us perfect access to explore the big cities for a few days.

We went down to San Antonio for one weekend mostly so that we could be part of the magic that is PAX South, a gaming convention that Mike and I very much enjoy. Mike was mostly there to playtest the games he was designing, and I was there to attempt to win some tournaments (no dice!).



Though most of our weekend was spent playing games and seeing panels and concerts at the convention center, we did carve out a day to explore the River Walk since Mike had never visited. We did all the typical tourist things: the pun-filled boat tour, tableside guacamole, ice cream and strolling along the bridges.



And of course we made time to visit the Alamo. I’ve been assured that’s a Texas law.


San Antonio has a very tall Tower of the Americas, one of those revolving-viewpoint-needle deals, but I don’t think their skyline is distinctive enough to really take a trip up there so we skipped that stop. The view from our hotel balcony felt just fine, and exploring the city after dark might be my favorite time in San Antonio.


Playing tourist in San Antonio was fun, but sometimes the best parts of traveling are just reconnecting with people you love. And while eating enchiladas on the River Walk was wonderful, it’s hard to beat sitting at home with your family, sharing the rosemary grilled cheese of your childhood and feeling good. The simple things can be just as fulfilling as the big tourist moments, and they’re essential for staying grounded while traveling the wide world.



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