Meanwhile, Back in the States…

Well, readers, it’s been a while since our last update. But not since our last adventure! In the past few months, we’ve gotten up to a few cool things:

Grace traveled the east coast visiting friends and family and spent a month recording a new album. Mike kept busy with family in New York and finished out his run managing food trucks at the greatest hot dog stand in the world.

We both went to MISTI-Con, a Harry Potter convention in New Hampshire where we presented incredibly difficult trivia, created a pop-up wizard rock museum, acted in a late night talk show, sold candles and bath products for Grace’s new business “Trolley Witches,” and did other fun nerdy things.

Mike has been designing many board games in recent months, and he presented the press-your-luck bluffing game “Catch of the Day” at the Connecticut Festival of Indie Games to much acclaim and several awards, including “Best Spirit” and the highly coveted “Best in Show.”


Then we got married in Puerto Rico! It was a wonerful time with some of our closest friends and family members. We made up a beach ceremony that was unique to us, with an exchange of passport covers and the ceremonial painting of a trail blaze to celebrate our union. So you know, typical wedding stuff.

Afterwards, we explored more of Puerto Rico on our own, with stops in Ponce, Luquillo, Vieques, El Yunque, and a quick run through Old San Juan.

Then it was a quick whirlwind up and down the east coast, selling cars, attending weddings, visiting friends, and seeing Diana Ross. Life is moving fast but in all the right ways.

Now we’re in Italy! We’ll be spending the next two months exploring the southern part of the country, so our next updates will all be full of pasta, pizza, and beautiful views.

Ciao for now!

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